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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides academic, personal and career counseling to Waynesburg University students.

Our dedicated staff welcomes and works with students who seek support for a variety of personal, career and academic areas of growth.  During their time at WU, students have access to our caring, skillful, free and confidential counseling services.

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Call us at (724) 852-3225

Directions: If your appointment is scheduled for in person, please visit us on the third floor of Stover immediately to your right at the top of the stairs, Room 320.

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Who Will Know About My Counseling?

Our counselors understand that privacy is an important concern for many students. We will not discuss what you choose to share with us, or even that you requested counseling, with your parents, friends, faculty, or staff outside of the Counseling Center without your consent. We value your privacy. The only exceptions to this are when physical safety is threatened. Our counselors are happy to discuss any privacy or confidentiality concerns you might have. 


ULifeLine is an online resource for college mental health.

The Jed Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for our nation's teens and young adults.

For a basic guide on supporting the mental health of your college student, see this article from the National Alliance on Mental Illness: How Parents Can Support their College Students' Mental Health.

For information about when to intervene on behalf of your college student's mental health, see this article from the JED Foundation: Supporting Mental Health from a Distance.

For foundational information about the mental health of young adults, view this video from New York psychiatrist, Dr. Beresin: Mental Wellness in Young Adults.

For guidelines about when and how to make referrals to the Counseling Center, see our Referral Guidelines here.  

For information about balancing academic standards and supporting the mental health of our students, view our recommendations here.

Review faculty guidelines from the JED Foundation for Supporting Student Mental Health here.