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Nick Haushalter

Junior from State College, Pennsylvania

Nick has served on campus as a campus ministry assistant and now serves as a youth ministry leader alongside his wife, Kendra Haushalter, at Jefferson Baptist Church, where they enjoy their responsibilities of teaching and discipleship immensely. Kendra is also a junior at Waynesburg, majoring in biblical and ministry studies with an emphasis on children and youth.

He is a piper in the James D. Randolph Kiltie Band and a leader in church history book study group. In his free time, Nick enjoys cooking and baking, playing soccer with friends and studying theology and church history.

With plans to graduate early after the fall 2022 semester, Nick is the son of Kurt and Joanna Haushalter of State College, Pennsylvania, and brother to Amaryah, 18, and Sean, 15.

What made you choose Waynesburg?

As somebody going into ministry, Waynesburg’s faith-oriented culture was immediately attractive. During my visits, I found the people here to be welcoming, personable and always ready to dive into the kinds of deep conversations I love. Many people have said that the best thing about Waynesburg is the people you find here, and that was apparent to me from the start. Chaplain and Professor Josh Sumpter was especially influential in this regard. 

What is your major?

I am a Christian Mission major. One special thing about Waynesburg’s program is that they offer it at all, as few schools do. Beyond that, I credit my Biblical and Ministries Studies professors for making my education great. They are skilled at teaching in the classroom, but are also passionate enough about the material to engage with enriching conversations outside of it. These interactions have grown my faith and knowledge at least as much as formal instruction has. 

How have you grown while at Waynesburg University?

Anybody who knows me will say that my time here has been the most formative of my life. My faith has been completely transformed since arriving as a freshman, and the University itself has had no small part to play in that. It was through Waynesburg that I began having an interest in the intellectual side of Christianity; as this passion grew, my love of God has become incomparably deeper and more fulfilling. 

What special opportunities have you had while at WU?

Professor Sumpter is the one who initially got me connected with the youth ministry at Jefferson Baptist Church. Waynesburg has allowed me to pursue my leadership there more fully by giving class credits this semester for my service with the youth. Because of this, I can spend more time discipling and putting the things I have learned in the classroom to good use.

What are your professional goals for the future?

My plan after graduating is to be a missionary pilot (Lord willing). This involves supporting missionaries in remote locations with transportation, supply, and even medical evacuation, along with participating in actual ministry opportunities. Waynesburg continues to grow my spiritual maturity so that I can be an effective witness for the Kingdom before beginning pilot training. The University has also been extremely helpful in getting me connected to missionaries active in the field, which will be important for finding my place after college. 

Is there someone at WU who has been a mentor to you or who has had a positive influence on your life?

Chaplain/Professor Josh Sumpter is not just my academic advisor, he is also a reliable source for advice, encouragement and meaningful conversation. It is a real blessing to know somebody like him who always seems to have time for my concerns. This is especially helpful at this stage in my education; I feel more confident pursuing post-college ministry because of his reliable support.

What is one thing the pandemic has taught you about yourself?

Like many, I learned that I need people in my life more than I ever realized. During quarantine, my mental health fell to new lows in the absence of (especially Christian) community. I became wrapped up in my own thoughts and lost the joy I was once known for. Be intentional about your relationships! Even if you are more introverted like me, realize that everyone needs each other’s company to be well. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

I absolutely love sitting in the empty chapel. It is a place of beauty and serenity. The tall windows are lovely in the evening when the sun is low and the light is golden. Amidst the struggles that every student faces, there is usually nothing that helps more than sitting in one of its pews for a time of prayer and reflection. I am genuinely thankful to the University for providing us with access to such a space.

Christian Mission

As a Christian Mission student, you’ll gain practical experience in the mission field. Before you go, we’ll equip you with the skills to witness to God’s love with data and concepts that inform effective missionary work, including world civilization, geography, international economics, international relations, sociology of cultures, and languages.