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Fine Arts Academy

Community music and art programs let us share our resources, knowledge and love of creation.

Now Available

Registration for the Fall 2022 Fine Arts Academy classes is now open!

The Waynesburg University Fine Arts Academy consists of community-based non-credit courses and is open to anyone wanting to study comprehensive collegiate MUSIC and/or VISUAL ART taught by our current Waynesburg University Professors.

Youth scholarships (must be under 18) have been made available by funding from the EQT Foundation.

Avaialble in Fall 2022

Music Classes ($250)
Group Setting

Pre-Twinkle Class
Ages: Pre-School (limited to 2-3 students)
Instructor: Sara Beattie
Days/Times: TBD
Description: Pre-Twinkle Classes provide opportunities for very young children to explore music in a fun and positive group environment while developing basic musicianship and readiness skills for success in the Suzuki approach. This class uses games, singing, dancing, and other movements to prepare pre-school children for the more complex skills involved with learning to play the violin, viola, or cello. This approach offers hands-on experience for the teacher and student and time for training the parent as home teacher. Since parental involvement is an integral part of the Suzuki method, parent attendance is required at all classes.

James D. Randolph Kiltie Band
To join the "Band" is FREE!
*Private instruction for beginners, falls under the instrument lessons below and will cost $350 for 10 - 30 minute lessons.
Description: Traditional Bagpipes, Drums, and Kilt wearin'!
Ages: Any and all!
Instructor: Jeremy Olisar
Days/Times: Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:10 pm
    6:30 -7:20 pm - Intermediate/Advanced Bagpipers and All Drummers
    7:20 - 8:10 pm - Beginning Bagpipers

Jazz Ensemble
Ages: High School and Adult
Instructor: Jeremy Olisar
Days/Times: Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:10 pm

Lamplighters Concert Choir
To join the Choir is FREE!
This course is available to any student or Waynesburg Community member committed to the rehearsal and performance of choral music at Waynesburg University. No previous choral experience is required. It is strongly recommended that you are evaluated by the director for pitch matching skills before you join. Members of the Lamplighters Concert Choir will learn and explore various types of choral repertoire as they prepare for annual University concerts, chapels, and various events. Lamplighters Concert Choir Members are committed to using their performances for the enhancement of the University and the surrounding communities. The Lamplighters will continue a tradition of excellence in singing and performing with a strong focus on connecting their music with faith in God. 
The General Instructional Approach will be a combination of vocal warm-ups, sight-reading, part reading, sectionals, analyzing texts and musical form in choral pieces, and perfecting the execution of songs for performances
Ages: 15-19
Instructor: Melanie Catana
Days/Times: Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 - 6:15 pm during the Fall Semester **This class will follow the University's Fall Semester Schedule**

Instrument Lessons ($350/ 10 - 30 Minute Lessons)
Customizable Schedule with a one-on-one approach to learning
For All Ages

Woodwind Lessons
Instructor: Jeremy Olisar
Description: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, or *Bagpipe Lessons

Percussion Lessons
Instructor: Camilo Jauregui
Description: Learning about Drums, keyboards (mallets) Latin percussion or Symphonic percussion for kids or adults with or without previous knowledge.

Guitar Lessons
Instructor: Scott Elliott
Description: All Levels (beginner to advanced) Lessons will be tailored to meet the students knowledge level.

Piano Lessons
Instructor: Sora Lee
Description: All Levels (beginner to advanced) Lessons will be tailored to meet the students knowledge level.

Voice Lessons
Instructor: Melanie Catana
Description: This course is offered to beginning and intermediate vocal students. Students will learn and refine the basics of vocal technique and production as they explore various types of vocal repertoire chosen to compliment their individual vocal range and level of musical proficiency. Students will be coached by the instructor on pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, diction, musicality, projection, and dramatic delivery. 
Each student will be expected to learn 2-3 songs during the semester. There will be a requirement of one Italian Art Song, one song in English, and one song of student choice agreed upon with the instructor. 
Lessons will be a combination of technical vocal exercises and the application of vocal techniques acquired in select repertoire.

  • Registration & payment must be completed before a student may attend.
  • Private lesson schedules to be arranged between the students and instructors.
  • Refunds are not granted after the 3rd week of class.
  • Special requests should be made in writing to the Fine Arts Department Chair.
  • For more information email Emily Wiedner.


To register online, complete the form below.