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The Buzz

3 to 1 Equipment Unlocks New Learning Opportunities

Grace Hutchison Sep 17, 2019

Waynesburg University’s Department of Communication has integrated new state-of-the-art technology into its curriculum, funded by donations given in the recent 3 to 1 campaign.

This technology, including HD studio cameras and software, will allow students the opportunity to appear more polished for on-camera productions and give them hands-on experience with industry-standard machinery. The updated equipment will improve the education given by the department and allow students to enter their careers with the skills and portfolios necessary to succeed in the broadcast field.

Melinda Roeder Skrbin, instructor of communication, saw the need for updated equipment and oversaw the 3 to 1 campaign during the spring semester. Though some equipment is still being installed, Roeder and other department professors have already begun integrating the new equipment into classes and extracurricular activities.

“We are ready to hit the ground running,” Roeder said.

“This is an investment in students, the department, their careers and the media,” Roeder said. “It is so critical.”

Melinda Roeder Skrbin

The updated equipment provides is planned to be incorporated into all majors and extracurriculars within the department. The equipment will also be used as a collaboration tool between extracurricular activities.

“Students will be able to create video packages for the newspaper, and public relations students will direct public service announcements and have them broadcast on air,” Roeder said. “The opportunities are endless.”

The new equipment has ignited a new passion from students towards their education.

“Students are a lot more excited to learn with the new equipment,” Roeder said.

Though the 3 to 1 campaign was a success for students, Roeder has ideas for new equipment that would benefit the curriculum even further. The proposed updates, which would include new studio lighting and handheld cameras, would be purchased using further funding provided by the campaign.

The New Equipment

  • Industry-Standard HD Cameras
  • Remote-Controlled Studio Camera
  • New Software to Superimpose Graphics and Utilize Green Screen
  • Teleprompter with Advanced Capabilities

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