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Keep moving: Take care of your physical health and honor your body

Installment 3 of 5 in the Keep Flourishing series, focusing on community wellness

Alexa Baily Apr 20, 2020

Thus far in our Keep Flourishing series, we have discussed the importance spiritual wellness and mental wellness while in our quarantined state. This weeks’ topic is physical wellness. Often, this topic brings about vain thoughts, concerns, and anxieties, but today, let’s focus on the purpose and benefits of physical wellness that aren’t related to appearance. For example, physical health promotes care for our bodies through nutrition and exercise, allowing them to appropriately function.

Nurturing ourselves by taking responsibility for our bodies is a healthy way to steward the gift that is our bodies; I have never been more thankful that my body can move than I have in this time of staying home! Additionally, physical activity can help us build strong muscles, ward of disease, and increase our energy levels. Exercise also produces endorphins, which may significantly increase mood and decrease the potential implications of staying home, such as loneliness and boredom. Consider how you may feel after engaging physical activity and then get moving!

Apps and Websites for At-Home, Remote Exercise:

Peloton Website & App

  • Free 90-day trial
  • Download-able workouts including cardio, strength training, walking, running, and yoga
  • Live “classes” available

Orangetheory At Home

  • Free, 30-minute, no-membership-required daily at home workouts
  • Minimal equipment (household items) used

Nike Run Club App

  • Guided runs
  • Ability to track and share progress

Nike Training Club App

  • Free workouts in an array of forms
  • Body-weight, yoga, cardio, HIIT, equipment use or not
  • Guided programs available

5 Minute Yoga Workouts

  • Each workout is no longer than 5 minutes
  • Helpful tool for beginners trying yoga

Top 25 At Home Exercises

  • Exercises tailored for workout out at home
  • Try a combination of exercises for 3 or more rounds to create a full workout

Daily Burn At Home Exercise Classes

  • Free 60 day trial
  • Choose from: at home, running, yoga, HIIT

Lastly, don’t forget good ol’ running or walking outdoors! The Vitamin D from the sun (hopefully) plus body movement does wonders.

Keep moving, WU! Take care of your body and encourage others to do the same.

Wellness Resources

Click below to download the complete wellness guide, developed by Waynesburg University's Pathways Center team. This guide includes resources for mental, spiritual and physical wellness, as well as suggestions for taking a break.