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2022 Something from Nothing Innovation Challenge

Announcing our 5th Annual Something from Nothing Winners 

First, a special thank you to all of our participants, judges, sponsors, voters and technical assistants in this year's competition! This competition would not be possible without you and we are blessed each year to see the WU community come together to support this innovative challenge. 

And our winners are.....  

Commercial Value

  • 1st Place and Fan Favorite: Circle Door ShelfCreators: Lexie Vigna, Mitchell Price, Patrick Demory, Daeshawn Leghorn 
  • 2nd Place: Custom Cardboard Purses. Creators: Cheyanne Forson, Gavin Hornyak, Abbey McCoy. Sponsor: Japanese Culture and Anime Club
  • 3rd Place: WU THRONE. Creators: Guillermo Samudio, Hudson Pincavitch, Michael McFarland, Isaiah Greenway

Artistic Value

  • 1st Place: Cardboard Dog Beds. Creator: Elyse Morgan. Sponsor: Business Club
  • 2nd Place and Fan Favorite: Pinball Machine. Creators: Raelyn Bowser, Autumn Stemple, Joseph O’Rourke, Connor Schoenfeld. Sponsor: Fine Arts Department
  • 3rd Place: Big Catch. Creators: Sadie Mink, Sydney Serrano, Jacob Brisky, Jaiden Torres. Sponsor: BUS 155

Social Value

  • 1st Place: Acoustic Sound Panel. Creators: Clay Webb, Eric Burcham, Hunter Hamilton, Amanda Rine
  • 2nd Place: Plant Your Box. Creators: Kristie Faber, Jacob Stewart, John Dalzotto, Benjamin Borneman. Sponsor: BUS 155
  • 3rd Place and Fan Favorite: Homes for Homeless. Creators: Haley Resosky, Marcos Mendez, Zane Cawley

High School Value

  • 1st Place: Lazy Man. Creators: Blaine Martin, Kyler Tuttle, Robert Martin, Aiden Moore. Sponsor: WCHS Gifted. Commercial Value 
  • 2nd Place: Endangered Butterfly Awareness. Creators: Jaden Tretinik, Vivian Greenwood. Sponsor: WCHS Gifted. Artistic Value 
  • 3rd Place: Project C. Creators: Benjamin Maxwell, Joe Kirsh, Ferdinand Martinez. Sponsor: WCHS Gifted. Commercial Value 
  • Fan Favorite: Project Desk Lamp. Creators: Duncan Barto, Mason Schroyer, Lillian Greenwood, Lucas Pettit. Sponsor: WCHS Gifted. Commercial Value 

Competition Highlights: 

This year our finalists were selected by an internal panel of judges from Waynesburg University. The final entries were then reviewed by an external panel of judges. 

In total, we received 33 submissions, from 106 students. We also received over 1000 votes, making this competition our largest to date. 

Click Here to View the Results of our Fan Favorite Voting 

Thank you again to everyone involved in the competition and until next year, happy innovating! 


Award Details

The top teams in several categories will be awarded as follows:

1st Prize

Each Team Member Receives: $100
And the Sponsoring School/Department/Organization Receives: $100

2nd Prize

Each Team Member Receives: $75
And the Sponsoring School/Department/Organization Receives: $75

3rd Prize

Each Team Member Receives: $50
And the Sponsoring School/Department/Organization Receives: $50

Fan Favorite

Each Team Member Receives: $100
And the Sponsoring School/Department/Organization Receives: $100

Please email with any questions or concerns.