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Katelyn Hrubetz

Senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A recipient of the Transfer Honor Scholarship, Katelyn is currently an intern with the eHIVE, the University’s Entrepreneurial Hub for Innovative Ventures and Endeavors, where she works with Project Grow. Project Grow helps empower women entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic to start their own businesses. Katelyn’s favorite part of her internship is seeing people grow and reach their dreams and seeing projects through from start to finish.

She enjoys hiking, painting and shopping in her free time, and is an active volunteer with the American Legion, where she helps organize events to support veterans.

Katelyn is the daughter of Leann and Michael Hrubetz and has two brothers and a sister.

What made you choose Waynesburg?

When I was thinking about transferring schools, I chose Waynesburg because of its strong academics. On top of that was Waynesburg’s commitment to service. I really wanted a school that focused on service, because I feel it builds a stronger community, and that is also really important to me. As soon as I toured Waynesburg, I knew it had all the things I found important in a school.

What is your major?

I am a business management major with a minor in entrepreneurial leadership. Waynesburg’s Business Management Program is special because it does not focus on just one area of business. You learn about many aspects so you can figure out what you like the best. The thing that makes entrepreneurial leadership special is that it uses critical thinking skills through different everyday problems.

How have you grown while at Waynesburg University?

I have grown into a better person throughout my time at Waynesburg University. When I first started at Waynesburg, I felt very lost, and I had no clue what direction to go in my life. I have been able to find myself and become a better person through all the opportunities I have had at Waynesburg.

What special opportunities have you had at WU and how did you grow through them?

A special opportunity I have had through WU is my internship with the eHIVE, where I help empower women entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Within my internship, I plan trainings and learn about business finances. My internship is a continuation of a class, and without the class, I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity through which I have grown more in my faith. One of the key parts of the internship is service, and my service has brought me closer to God. I was able to grow more into myself with this opportunity.

What are your professional goals/plans for the future, and how is WU helping you work toward them?

My plans for the future include working in corporate social responsibility or other non-profit work. WU was able to help me work towards this goal by giving me opportunities to find my passion in the work I want to do. Also, WU led me to different opportunities in and out of the classroom to help me make connections with other people in my desired field. In my classes, we were required to go out and actually do the things we were talking about. I have been able to help plan and organize service with 2nd Sam 9, which enabled me to make connections within the non-profit field.

Is there someone at WU who has been a mentor to you or who has had a positive influence on your life? Please tell us about them.

A mentor at Waynesburg who has changed my life is Mindy Walls. With the help of Professor Walls, I was able to find what I was passionate about. She took the time to get to know me and help me through life. Since the first time I walked into her office, she made me feel like she cared about me and my success. She goes above her duties as a professor and advisor and makes sure that I am being the best student that I could be.

What’s your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place near campus is the fountain in the park. This is my favorite place because it is super peaceful and a great place to get your homework done on a nice day. Also, you can see all the squirrels run around, which brings me joy.

What would you want a prospective student to know about WU?

I would tell them that your professors actually care about you and want you to succeed. If you get to know them, they are really cool people, and they will go above and beyond to help you when you need it. At Waynesburg University, you are truly more than just a number in the classroom.

A culture of innovation and problem solving, starting day one

At Waynesburg University, we believe that entrepreneurial leadership is both a study and a practice. To foster this type of learning, opportunities to engage, innovate, create and serve exist both inside and outside of the classroom, across all areas of study.