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Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics

Grow your analytical and logical abilities through our quality programs of study.

Student writing math equations on a window

Quality education in several analytical areas

As a student in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics, you'll address problems and produce solutions. You'll learn to define the problem clearly, to evaluate and choose an appropriate solution strategy, to study, specify, design, implement, test and document that solution, to work in a team oriented environment and to communicate a solution to colleagues and the general public.

The programs in this department are designed to provide students with the skills necessary for successful and productive careers in business, industry, government, research, or continued studies in the sciences.

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Applied Sciences

The Applied Sciences major offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the sciences. Students take a foundation of courses within different disciplines of the sciences before eventually declaring their two focus areas in any of the following fields: biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, forensics, health and exercise science, or mathematics.

Business Information Science

The need for technology and information systems experts that are schooled in data analytics continues to grow. This major is designed for students seeking management positions in technological and data driven areas.

Computer Science

Receive not only the technological skills needed for a career in programming, technology, and computers, but also the communication skills and ethics needed to succeed.

Computer Security & Forensics

As our lives transition to digital spaces with increasing speed, the need for crime solvers versed in the language, design, and theory of computers and related technologies is increasing rapidly.

Engineering (3/2)

Our program provides students with a solid foundation in theoretical and applied mathematics and contemporary physics, providing the skills necessary for a successful and productive career in a variety of settings. 

Information Technology

By gaining a broad knowledge of technological applications, information technology majors can enter careers that bring practicality and creativity to computer installations, both in hardware and software.


Gain a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied mathematics, while being exposed to various vocational areas in the field.

Secondary Education

The demand for professional mathematics teachers and leaders is growing. As part of our secondary education coursework, you’ll study various areas of mathematics and become qualified to teach in grades 7-12.

The WU advantage

Practical experience

The content you'll learn in class can be directly applied to the field whether you land a career in math, IT, physics, or computer science.

Experienced faculty

You'll study alongside faculty with real-world experience in their field. Harness this expertise to land amazing internship and career opportunities.

Quality facilities

You'll study in the recently renovated Stewart Science Hall. You can access the newly renovated computer labs where you'll complete class assignments and work independently or in groups.

Student Outcomes and Objectives for BS in Computer Science

Student Outcome (1)

Students will be able to design, develop, document, and test software using current techniques.

Student Objectives for Outcome (1)

Students will:

  1. Write programs utilizing modern software languages and software development tools.
  2. Build various-sized projects using  object-oriented programming principles effectively.
  3. Create software solutions to problems using several programming languages.
  4. Create appropriate documentation for the design, development and testing of software.
  5. Create and query data structures and database information.

Student Outcomes and Objectives for BS in Mathematics

Student Outcome (1)

Students will be able to understand mathematical foundations. This translates to the following outcomes. 

Student Objectives for Outcome (1)

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical foundations of mathematics.
  2. Exhibit an ability to use various types of proof techniques.
  3. Make mathematical conjectures and support or refute those conjectures.

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