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Master of Science in Athletic Training Policies

Athletic Training Program Purpose, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes


The purpose of the ATP at Waynesburg University is to prepare students for a career in athletic training that leads to the student fulfillment towards a path of life, leadership, and service with and among others.


The goals of the ATP are to:

  1. Provide an educational program for students desiring to obtain BOC certification.
  2. Develop competent and confident students entering the profession of Athletic Training as health care providers.
  3. Provide students the ability to practice learned knowledge, skills, and abilities (via didactic coursework) in the clinical setting under direct supervision of qualified healthcare preceptors.
  4. Incorporate leadership abilities through the Christian faith by fully engaging in their clinical sites and community services.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to participate in the advancement of the athletic training profession.
  6. Allow student to compete for scholarly awards, scholarships, and grants.

Program/Student Learning Outcomes

The students, upon completion of the ATP, will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate cognitive and psychomotor competence in the 8 content areas of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies (ATEC).
  2. Integrate communication skills, both written and oral, as a health care provider within the larger context of the health care system to be able to work collectively with other health care providers.
  3. Assess and construct ethical, moral, and legal behavior as an athletic trainer.
  4. Manage patient care (based on their development of knowledge, clinical experience, critical thinking, and evidence-based decision making) to integrate current technological, innovative, and evidence-based approaches to effectively practice with diverse populations in a variety of clinical settings, and with a variety of allied healthcare professionals.
  5. Integrate the Christian tradition/mission to pursue a life of leadership, purpose, and service with and among others.
  6. Critique and engage in research to enhance the quality of care within athletic training and the healthcare profession.

Admission Requirements

  1. B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  2. A cumulative 3.00 grade point average (GPA)
  3. Completion of graduate application, resume, and two professional references
  4. Completion of Clinical Observation Experience
    1. Minimum of 50 hours
      1. Completed on the “Clinical Observation” form included on graduate application
    2. Must be completed with a qualified Athletic Trainer who must be BOC credentialed and hold current state licensure or registration.
    3. Interview with faculty of the MSAT program


Student will need to achieve a C or higher in the following pre-requisite courses:

  • Biology with lab
  • Chemistry with lab
  • Physics with lab
  • Statistics
  • Human Anatomy with lab
  • Human Physiology with lab
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Exercise Physiology 

Graduate Non-Degree Students

  1. Acceptance into the Integrated Concurrent 5-year program
  2. Completion of all general education requirements prior to acceptance into the MSAT program
  3. A cumulative 3.00 GPA
  4. C or above in all pre-requisite courses:
    1. Biology with lab
    2. Chemistry with lab
    3. Physics with lab
    4. Statistics
    5. Human Anatomy with lab
    6. Human Physiology with lab
    7. Introduction to Psychology
    8. Exercise Physiology
  5. Completion of graduate application, resume, and two professional references
  6. Completion of a Clinical Observation Experience
    1. Minimum of 50 hours
      1. Completed on the “Clinical Observation” form included on graduate application
    2. Must be completed with a qualified Athletic Trainer who must be BOC Credentialed and hold current state license or registration.
  7. Interview with faculty of the MSAT program

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for students who enroll at least half-time (six credits per semester). This includes eligibility for student Direct Loans. If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-852-3208 or email

  1. Student must complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  2. If the student wishes to borrow a federal student loan, he/she must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) at
  3. Students are also asked to complete the Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) Financial Aid Form.

Degree Requirements

In order to graduate and be able to sit for the BOC exam, the student will need to complete the following:

  • Maintain NATA membership through the length of the MSAT program
  • Complete all courses with a C or better
  • Complete all 56 credits within the MSAT program with a cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Complete and pass the practical exam with a 70 percent or higher
  • Complete and pass the research project with a 70 percent or higher
  • Complete all requirements of the program within a seven (7) year period from start of graduate enrollment. 

Notification of Academic Status

Waynesburg University makes every effort to notify students of their academic status. A certified letter is mailed to each graduate student placed on suspension. Since communication by mail may be delayed or misdirected, it is the responsibility of every student to obtain this information. Non-receipt of a letter by a suspended student will not be considered grounds for claiming eligibility to enroll for a subsequent semester.

Additional note

All other policies and procedures outlined by the current Waynesburg University Academic Catalog will be adhered to by the MSAT program. For Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) – see Graduate and Professional Studies pages in Academic Catalog and the Student Program Guide.