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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree at Waynesburg University builds on the University’s strong tradition in business. The Waynesburg program concentrates on the functional areas of business — accounting, finance, management, and marketing — while stressing technical, conceptual and theoretical skills. Students in the program study business as it relates to an interdependent and constantly changing environment, recognizing various business problems and identifying alternative courses of conduct. Given the curriculum of the program, the candidates for the MBA degree develop quantitative techniques for business and economic analysis, study interpersonal relationships within organizations, and integrate the various areas of business through case studies and written and oral presentations.

In addition, students in the MBA Program at Waynesburg study quantitative techniques, computer applications, case studies, report writing, and applied economics. An in-depth analysis of the diverse theoretical and social issues confronting the modern business organization pervades the curriculum. A Graduate Curriculum Committee (consisting of the Provost, the Chairs and Directors of related disciplines, and a representative of the Curriculum and Educational Policies Committee) initiates curriculum modifications.

Students in the MBA Program may elect to specialize in the applied business, energy management, health systems administration, leadership/human resource management, finance, market development or project management by taking the appropriate electives.

The MBA Program at Waynesburg University involves 30 credit hours of instruction, which may be completed in one year of intensive, full-time study. It also is possible to complete the requirements for the MBA degree on a part-time basis up to seven years.

All MBA courses are offered in the classroom or online during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Admission to the program is offered to all graduates with a four-year degree from accredited colleges and universities. The Director of Graduate Programs in Business Administration will evaluate academic achievement at the undergraduate level, special skills, and other factors relevant to the prospective candidate.

Director of Graduate Programs in Business Administration

Gordon W. McClung, Ph.D.

Policies and Requirements