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General Education Requirements for the Baccalaureate Degree

Writing Skills

Course Title
ENG 101

College Composition I
or ENG 187, Honors College Composition I

ENG 102

College Composition II
or ENG 185, Introduction to Literary Studies
or ENG 188, Honors College Composition II

Note: Enrollment in ENG 101-102 is based on the student’s score on the SAT or ACT Test.

Oral Competency

Course Title
COM 228*

COM 228* Business and Professional Speaking, fulfills the Oral Competency requirement
or BUS 358: Leadership, Stewardship, and Ethics
or (1) CHE/FSC 385: Chemistry Seminar I, (2) CHE/FSC 485: Chemistry Seminar II, and (3) CHE/FSC 499: Capstone Research
or FSC 465: Internship
or ECE 306: PreK-4 Curriculum
or EDU 305: Middle Level and Secondary Curriculum

Quantitative Reasoning Skills

Course Title
MAT 106

Beginning Algebra
or enrollment in a higher-level math course (above MAT 106)
or BDA 205, Statistical Applications in Data Analytics

Computer Literacy Skills

Course Title
CSC 105

Introduction to Computers
or BDA 105, Business Systems Applications
or COM 126, Principles of Design
or EDU 107, Technology in Education

Life Skills

Course Title
LSK 101

Wellness (in conjunction with any of the following Life Skills labs: 105, 116, 117, 119, 126, 128 129, 135, 136 or special topics offering such as dance, yoga or Pilates)
or LSK 125, Varsity Sports
or NUR 105, Orientation to Professional Nursing

Natural and Physical Sciences

  • Two laboratory science courses

Fine Arts, Language Arts, and Communication

  • Three credit hours from fine arts (art, music, theatre)
  • One literature course from English
  • Three additional credit hours from fine arts (art, music, theatre), language arts (literature, writing, Spanish, language), or communication (film, photography, speech*)

History, Biblical and Ministry Studies, and Philosophy

  • One history course
  • BMS 105 or 106
  • One philosophy course

Social and Behavioral Sciences (two disciplines must be represented)

  • Two courses from business administration (BUS 228), economics, geography, international studies (INT 105), political science, psychology, or sociology

Service Learning

  • One service learning course (SLR 105, 106, 107, 155, 205, 206, 255, 305, 306, 355, 455)
  • or NUR 419, Clinical Prevention and Population Health

Waynesburg Experience - Fiat Lux

  • WBE 108

Study in Depth

  • All baccalaureate degree candidates must complete a major course of study.

For additional information related to requirements for graduation, see Application for Degree and Requirements for Graduation.