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Transfer Policies for General Education Requirements

The following regulations govern the use of transfer credit to satisfy General Education Requirements:

  1. Students who wish to transfer credit to the University in order to satisfy General Education Requirements must apply individual transfer courses to the basic skills and areas of knowledge categories as listed in the catalog. Decisions regarding the applicability of transfer courses to General Education Requirements will rest with the Registrar in consultation with the Provost and the Department Chair responsible for the subject matter involved. Students should be aware that even though General Education Requirements might be met through transfer of courses into the necessary categories, department requirements must still be met.
  2. If the intention of a course is judged to be commensurate with content categories of the core curriculum, transfer credit will be applied on a course-by-course basis, rather than hour-by-hour, to fulfill General Education Requirements. Any such course will carry the number of academic credits assigned by the institution that offered the course. In the case of quarter system credits, the standard conversion of quarter hours to semester hours will be used.
  3. Students who have been admitted to the University and wish to take courses at other institutions to satisfy General Education Requirements, must receive approval in writing in advance by filing a Transient Student Form in the Registrar's Office.