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Computer Science

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics

James R. Bush, Ph.D., Chair




The computer science programs at Waynesburg University are designed:

  • to provide a coherent and broad-based coverage of the discipline of computing, including understanding and appreciation of the areas of study within computer science,
  • to provide as much breadth and depth of study as possible in the field of computer science and to expose students to three areas of theory, abstraction and design within the field,
  • to emphasize three areas for students in the discipline, namely preparation for entry into the computing professions, preparation for continued study beyond the baccalaureate level, and preparation for the more general challenges of personal and professional life,
  • to provide an environment in which students are exposed to the ethical and societal issues that are associated with the computing field, including maintaining their currency in recent technological and theoretical developments and general professional standards,
  • to prepare students to apply their knowledge to specific constrained problems and produce solutions, including the ability to define a problem clearly, to determine its tractability, to consult outside experts when necessary, to evaluate and choose an appropriate solution strategy, to study, specify, design, implement, test and document that solution, to evaluate alternatives and perform risk analyses, to integrate alternative technologies, to work in a team oriented environment and to communicate a solution to colleagues and the general public.

To accomplish the above, the computer science programs are centered on several areas of the field, namely algorithms and data structures, architecture, database management, human-computer communication, numerical and symbolic computation, operating systems, programming languages and software methodology.

A student majoring in a computer science program at Waynesburg University may choose one of four majors to enhance their future career path, either a Business Information Science major, a Computer Science major, an Information Technology major or a Cybersecurity and Forensics major.  By careful selection of electives, a student may also enrich his or her learning experiences by receiving a minor in a related field such as business, mathematics or communications.  The student should note that the Computer Science major and the Cybersecurity and Forensics major are designed to allow the student the opportunity for further study at a graduate level.

A student may elect only one of the programs listed above.