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Business Administration (Bachelor of Arts in Applied Business)

Department of Business Administration

Gordon W. McClung, Ph.D., Chair


Business Administration Department Overview

The vision of the Business Administration Department is to provide Southwestern Pennsylvania with a Christian business school that is widely recognized for delivering practical and engaging degree programs and learning opportunities that enhance the practice of business in our community, our state, our region, and our world.

The mission of the Business Administration Department is to deliver high-quality business programs that emphasize leadership development, foster global and multicultural awareness and build upon a foundation in the liberal arts and humanities. We will create and disseminate applied business knowledge that contributes to the advancement of business education and practice. Our graduates will possess functional business competencies, integrity, and the ability to:

  • Communicate;
  • Utilize relevant business technologies;
  • Think strategically;
  • Work independently and in teams;
  • Solve business problems and identify business opportunities; and
  • Ethically lead themselves and others.

We will continuously seek to improve our educational programs, develop our students and faculty, and serve our community.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Business Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Business is designed for students who seek a general degree in business administration while developing a concentration in more narrowly designed fields of study that encompass all business models. Consequently, a fundamental understanding of the principles of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and economics is necessary. These are the “core courses” that will provide a foundation for students in this major to individualize a more specific course of study which will be designed based on the area of interest in consultation with their academic advisor. Students enrolled in this program will gain practical experience through targeted internships that are centered on the course of study they select and can often lead to special certifications in various fields. Additionally, the students graduating from the University with this degree will have gained practical knowledge in business basics, such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing, and learned to implement those concepts into their course of study so that they can secure employment with a leading company in the local area.