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Military Science

Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

Adam E. Jack, M.S., Chair


Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC)

Air Force ROTC is a college program that prepares young men and women to become leaders in the Air Force. The program consists of classes and leadership laboratories each semester to teach you about the Air Force. You will be tested mentally and physically as you acquire strong followership and leadership skills that will benefit you as an Air Force Officer and in life.

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

Waynesburg University has a partnership program with the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (Army ROTC) at West Virginia University. All credits received from ROTC classes are valid towards graduation. Curriculum includes skills expected of an Army Officer including how to motivate co-workers, cope with unexpected challenges, organize complex tasks and an introduction to the Army’s values based leadership techniques. Additionally, students learn skills in demand today in the civilian and business world such as teamwork, tact, and effective communications.

There are both two- and four-year ROTC programs. The four-year program is comprised of the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. The first two years comprise the Basic Course. This includes MSC 101 through MSC 202 and includes classroom studies in such subjects as military history, leadership development and national defense. Students can enroll in the program for the first two years without incurring any future military service obligation. After successful completion of the Basic Course, students who meet Army medical qualification and Army ROTC academic standards can apply for admission into the Advanced Course. The Advanced Course requires MSC 301 through MSC 402, a weekly lab, and an approved military history course. During this part of the program, students will put their management skills to the test while continuing to hone the traits required for commissioning into the United States Army. As a cadet in the Advanced Course, you will spend approximately four weeks of the summer between your junior and senior year attending the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. At CAC, students receive intensive training in leadership tactics, physical fitness, land navigation, obstacle course, rappelling, critical decision-making, and more. They also have the opportunity to lead other cadets through challenging missions and are evaluated among their peers on their leadership abilities, officer potential, as well as the skills and knowledge they have learned through ROTC on campus.

Once contracted in either program, ROTC textbooks, uniforms and essential materials are furnished at no cost. Additionally, if selected for contracting into the Advanced Course, students receive a tax-free monthly stipend ($450/month as a junior and $500/ month as a senior) paid during the school year once they sign a contract. Students can also contract (obligate themselves to accept a commission as an officer) as early as their sophomore year and would receive a tax-free monthly stipend of $350/per month during the school year, if they qualify. Only freshman who have received a four-year U.S. Army ROTC National Scholarship can contract during their freshman year.

If students miss the first two years of Army ROTC, the two-year program offers the opportunity to achieve the same goals and benefits as the four-year program. Students will receive the same leadership and management training, but at an accelerated pace. This is designed for sophomores who failed to take the Basic Course or for students transferring after attending another college. In this program, students first attend ROTC Cadet Initial Entry Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in the summer between their sophomore and junior year. This is a fully paid (over $700 plus room, board and transportation), four-week training course where students may compete for two-year scholarships.

U.S. Army ROTC Scholarships are available on a four-year, 3.5-year, 3-year, 2.5-year and 2-year basis for those high-achieving academic students who qualify. In order to qualify for a four-year scholarship, a high school student must have at least a 2.50 GPA, score at least a 19 on their ACT and/or a 920 on their SAT, must pass a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DoDMERB) health physical and eye exam, pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), meet the Army’s height/weight standards, and be of good moral character. For all other scholarships, college students must have at least a 2.50 GPA on their college transcripts, as well as pass the DoDMERB health physical/eye exam, pass the APFT, meet the Army’s height/weight standard and be of good moral character. The specifics of these scholarships can be found at the below mentioned website.

Special opportunities exist for students who are members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve, Nurses, high school JROTC participants and prior service veterans. Information on these programs may be obtained through the Professor of Military Science at 304- 293-2911, or by visiting the website:

NOTE: Students desiring to pursue the Military Science program should contact the Provost. See also Reserve Officers' Training Corps.