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Evonne A. Baldauff, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science Chair and Engineering Liaison Officer - Chemistry

James R. Bush, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics, Chair, and Engineering Liaison Office - Mathematics



Waynesburg University in conjunction with several cooperating University Schools of Engineering offers five-year (3-2) engineering programs. These provide for completion of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and liberal arts course work during three years at Waynesburg University and completion of the engineering course work in two years at a cooperating university. Upon successful completion of the five year program, the student earns a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the cooperating university and a Bachelor of Science degree from Waynesburg University. Depending on the offerings of the cooperating universities, engineering programs are available in aerospace engineering, engineering and public policy, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy & materials science, and others. During the first three years of the program, short courses are available at some cooperating universities to acquaint the student with engineering opportunities.

Students interested in this program should register with the Engineering Advisory Committee immediately upon entering Waynesburg University, since candidates in each branch of engineering or those planning for a specific cooperating university may follow slightly different programs during their first three years. Students who do not place in MAT 211, Calculus I, during their first semester may have difficulty completing the Waynesburg University portion of the program within three years. The 3-2 engineering student is required to complete the minimum residency requirement (at least 45 credit hours taken at Waynesburg University), the General Education Requirements, and the major requirements.

At the beginning of the third year of study at Waynesburg University, students should apply for admission to one of the cooperating engineering schools. Upon completion of one of these programs (including all requirements to continue at the cooperating university) with a science & mathematics and overall grade point average of B or better, and recommendation by our Engineering Advisory Committee, the student will be accepted at a cooperating university for the last two years of engineering courses. Some cooperating universities also have three-three programs in which after three years at the university the student may earn a Master in Engineering or Master of Business Administration degree along with the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.