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Integrated Bachelor's to Master of Arts

Department of Humanities

Karen Fisher Younger, Ph.D., Chair

General Information

The Integrated Undergraduate and Master of Arts program allows students who have completed all undergraduate general education requirements and met other academic requirements (listed below) to enroll in graduate Counseling courses during their senior year. The graduate courses will be taken as 400 level courses until the student has graduated with an undergraduate degree and is formally accepted into the Master of Arts in Counseling program. Students will not be accepted as graduate students until they have completed their Baccalaureate degree. Upon acceptance into the Counseling program, the student will petition the Registrar to transfer the 400 level counseling courses to a 500 level counseling courses in fulfillment of the degree requirements for the Master of Arts in Counseling. The Counseling program courses cannot be substituted for undergraduate required courses or electives. Students can take up to two courses as part of their undergraduate tuition, provided that the combined enrollment does not exceed 18 total credits in any semester. Students electing to take more than two graduate Counseling courses in their senior year will be charged the graduate tuition rate for those additional courses.

Requirements to Enroll as an Accelerated Counseling Student

  • Application to the integrated program will typically occur during the Spring semester of the student’s junior year.
  • Students must have a 3.2 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in their major in order to be considered for the Accelerated BA to MA program;
  • Undergraduate students must have completed all of their undergraduate general education requirements at the time of their matriculation into the program;
  • Students must have earned no less than 102 undergraduate credits of which 30 must have been completed at Waynesburg University in two semesters prior to matriculation into the Integrated Program.
  • Obtain approval from their undergraduate academic advisor and the Director of Graduate Counseling programs.
  • Meet all other admission requirements required of regular Master of Arts in Counseling applicants (i.e., references, act 33, 151 and FBI clearances).
  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.00 in MA courses with no grade lower than a B.

Course progression for the Integrated program

Students may take up to four MAC courses in their senior year:

  • CNS 495 01 Foundations of Counseling (Fall/Session I)
  • CNS 495 02 Culture and Identity (Fall/Session II)
  • CNS 496 01 Counseling Theories and Techniques I (Fall/Session I)
  • CNS 496 02 Professional Issues and Ethics (Fall/Session II)


During a student’s 4th year, tuition will be assessed at a flat, undergraduate tuition rate including six graduate credits. Once a student enters the summer of the 5th year, tuition will be assessed at the standard M.A. in counseling rate. If students transfer their 4th year M.A. in counseling course(s) to another school, students will be retroactively assessed the M.A. in counseling tuition rate for the course(s) taken during the 4th year.