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Business Administration (Integrated BSBA/MBA)

Department of Business Administration, Graduate and Professional Studies

Gordon W. McClung, Ph.D., Chair

The integrated BSBA/MBA Program at Waynesburg University involves 160 credit curriculum that will allow eligible students to obtain both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration degree within a streamlined five-year time period. Students in the Integrated BSBA/MBA Program may elect to specialize in the applied business, health systems administration, leadership/human resource management, finance, or market development areas.

All MBA courses are offered in the evenings in two 8-week sessions during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Admission to the program is offered to all undergraduate business majors who meet admission requirements. The Graduate Admissions Committee, made up of the Chair of the Department of Business Administration, Dean of Graduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Programs in Business Administration will evaluate academic achievement at the undergraduate level, special skills, and other factors relevant to the prospective candidate.

Recommended Course Sequence

Years 1, 2 and 3

Year 4

* MBA class choice guided by student’s undergraduate advisor with approval by Director of MBA program

Year 5

* MBA class choice guided by student’s graduate advisor with approval by Director of MBA program


  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.50 by end of first semester of junior year
  • Enrollment as business major in undergraduate business program at Waynesburg University, Main Campus
  • At least 45 undergraduate credits from Waynesburg University. Students may transfer in up to 6 credits of M.B.A. coursework from a accredited institution.
  • Approval by the Chair Department of Business Administration

Although students will not be formally admitted to the program until their senior year, students may indicate, during their freshman, sophomore, or junior years, their intention to apply. Once the student’s intentions are made known to the student’s respective academic advisor, the student will begin receiving academic advising to prepare the student for admission to the program at the end of the student’s junior year.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the MBA Program, the student must submit the following:

  1. Application and essay
  2. Official transcripts of all undergraduate coursework
  3. A current resume
  4. Two letters of reference
  5. Admissions committee interview

In order to be admitted to the program, the student must have:

  1. 94 undergraduate credits with a GPA 3.00 or higher
  2. One year of significant work experience or a credited business internship with a minimum of 6 credit hours completed.

Students whose native language is not English must also submit an official report of TOEFL scores or other proof of competency in English.

Students seeking admission into the MBA program may be admitted on a regular or conditional basis. The MBA admissions committee will review the student’s educational background and work experience to determine the student’s admission status based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the student’s academic record and educational background
  2. Undergraduate courses in accounting, economics, finance and statistics. If a student does not have prior classroom experience in these areas, students may be asked to take the MBA Primer online courses as a prerequisite
  3. The nature and extent of the student’s work experience
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including but not limited to Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  5. Involvement in community activities.

Regularly admitted students are students who the admissions committee determines have the preparation to successfully complete the program.

Program Progression

Within the first four years of the program, students must meet the General Education requirements (B.S.). Additionally, students will follow the recommended course sequence associated with the student’s chosen area of concentration within the Business curriculum (e.g., Accounting, Public Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Marketing and Sports Management). If a student chooses to leave the program after completion of the 4th year and after completing all required B.S.B.A. credits, the student will graduate with a B.S.B.A. However, the student’s 4th year M.B.A. classes will not count toward their undergraduate credit requirements. Fourth year M.B.A. classes will be double listed as 400 and 500 level courses. The double listing will ensure that a 4th year student can remain full-time (12 hours) in the event that the student only needs 9 credits/semester of undergraduate coursework during the 4th year.

Financial Aid

Financial aid information may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office. Student loans are available to students taking a minimum of six semester hours. For the purposes of the MBA Program, a full-time student is considered to be anyone enrolled in a minimum of nine semester hours.


Since the MBA curriculum concentrates on the areas of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and statistics, a strong background in these areas, either through previous coursework or relevant business experience, is strongly recommended. If the program director or student feels that he or she is not adequately prepared in these areas, courses may be taken through the undergraduate program at Waynesburg University. MBA Primer online courses are recommended.

Degree Requirements

  1. 30 semester hours of business administration. All students must take MBA 505, 506, 507, 515, 525, 535, and 599; with nine additional hours elected from the various areas of concentration. (See below)
  2. Candidates must complete 24 semester hours at Waynesburg University
  3. Students must achieve a 3.00 academic average in order to graduate from the program. The receipt of a letter grade of C or lower will automatically be reviewed by the Graduate Committee.
  4. All students must begin the MBA Program within one year of notification of admission. Anyone who does not meet this deadline will be removed from the files and will have to reapply to proceed.
  5. Requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree must be completed within seven (7) years from the registration of the first MBA class.
  6. Deactivation will occur if no registration activity is recorded two years after the last semester of enrollment. Anyone removed for this reason must reapply to continue in the program.


During a student’s 4th year, tuition will be assessed at a flat, undergraduate tuition rate including six graduate credits. Once a student enters the summer of the 5th year, tuition will be assessed at the standard M.B.A. rate. If students transfer their 4th year M.B.A. courses to another school, students will be retroactively assessed the M.B.A. tuition rate for the two M.B.A. courses taken during the 4th year.


After the completion of the Semester of their 4th year, students will be responsible to provide their own off-campus housing.