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Counseling Course Offerings

CNS 105 Counseling for the Twenty-first Century

3 credits

This course introduces student to the current trends in the counseling profession with an emphasis on understanding the philosophy, values, and fundamental theories of counseling practice in contemporary society. Students will explore personal, ethical and professional issues related to agency and school counseling, consider the counseling profession’s focus on social justice and cultural diversity, learn core counseling skills, and apply the developmental model of wellness as an alternative to mental illness.

CNS 201 Introduction to Addiction Counseling

3 credits

This course presents foundational concepts and current treatment approaches in Addiction Counseling. It is designed for those who are considering a career or advanced studies in counseling or a related field. Topics explored include current models of substance abuse and addiction, including process addictions (e.g., shopping, gambling); drugs and their effects; the dynamics of recovery; effective treatment approaches; and the certification process for addition counseling professionals. Spring

CNS 202 Introduction to Group Counseling

3 credits

This course is an introduction to group process and counseling. Current research trends, theories and techniques of group counseling will be reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on developing group leadership skills and exploring the various counseling and psychotherapeutic approaches used in group counseling. The primary goal of this course is designed to help prepare students for graduate counseling study or bachelors level occupations in the helping professions. Fall

CNS 405 Counseling and the Helping Relationship

3 credits

This explores the dynamics of a therapeutic relationship. The course will focus on current and historical philosophical approaches to counseling. Common techniques in counseling are reviewed as they apply to diverse populations. Special counseling situations such as crisis, disaster mental health and trauma will be reviewed. The primary goals of this course are designed to help prepare students for graduate counseling study in a CACREP program, and for entry into bachelor degree level occupations in the helping professions. Pre-requisites: CNS 105 and PSY 105. Spring