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Language Course Offerings

LAN 195, 295, 395, 495 Special Topics in Language

3 credits

A study of a specific language and culture. The language and the level will vary by semester. This course is open to all students and may be taken more than once if the topic differs. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

LAN 309 History of the English Language (cross-listed as ENG 309)

3 credits

This course covers the history of English, a polyglot language, claimed by Americans and British as their mother tongue. From the earliest beginnings of Old English through the Norman Invasion, Samuel Johnson’s dictionary, imposition of Germanic grammar rules, and the advent of the internet, we’ll trace the ways in which English came to be what it is today. Prerequisite: ENG 102, 185, or 188. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)