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United States Air Force Course Offerings

USAF 100 Leadership Laboratory

1 credit

Hands-on portion of AFROTC training. Professional Officer Course cadets will plan and lead training for General Military Course cadets. Activities include a dynamic and integrated grouping of leadership developmental activities designed to meet the Air Force’s needs and expectations of its prospective Air Force junior officers and complement the AFROTC academic program. Leadership laboratory enrollment is restricted to AFROTC cadets.

USAF 131/132 Foundations of Air Force I and II

1-1 credit

Survey course designed to introduce student to the United States Air Force. It provides an overview of the basic characteristics, missions, and organization of the Air Force. The course includes an overview of AFROTC and AFROTC special programs.

USAF 251/252 Air and Space Power I and II

1-1 credit

Study of the United States Air Force heritage and leaders with respect to the evolution and employment of air and space power. Analysis of operational examples will emphasize development and application of competencies, functions, and doctrine. Prerequisites: USAF 131 and 132.

USAF 371/372 Leadership Studies I and II

3-3 credits

Study of leadership, management, professional knowledge, leadership ethics, and communication skills required of an Air Force junior officer. Case studies are used as a means of exercising practical application of concepts. Course credit is determined by each student’s academic department. Prerequisites: USAF 251 and 252.

USAF 481/482 National Security/Active Duty I and II

3-3 credits

Course examines the national security process, regional studies, leadership ethics, and USAF doctrine. Topics include the military as a profession, officership, military justice, civilian control of the military, active duty preparation, and issues affecting military professionalism