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Honors Course Offerings

HON 105 Critical Inquiry for Honors Students

1 credit

The course will focus on the close study of a significant text or shorter texts of scientific, literary or social significance.  In HON 105, Honors Students will be introduced to close reading, textual interpretation, basic research tools, and group discussion of significant works in a variety of disciplines.  Spring

HON 106 Honors Directed Text Study

1 credit

A full-time member of the Waynesburg University Faculty may propose, for review by the Honors Supervisory Board, a 1-credit text study course, enrollment in which shall be restricted to Honors Students.  The text or texts under study should be indispensable in the particular faculty member’s field, or classics of Christian or humane studies.  HON 106 would be primarily a reading course which meets once a week for one semester.  May be repeated up to three times for credit.

HON 495 Special Topics in Honors

3 credits

Subject matter to be selected in consultation between the Departments, Honors Program Director, and the Office of Academic Affairs.  (Offered when interest is expressed and program resources permit.)

HON 499 Senior Honors Project

3 credits

Senior Honors Students in majors without a capstone project may enroll in HON 499.  The Honors Student, together with his or her advisor and the Honors Program Director, can design a capstone experience.  Experiences that fulfill this requirement include (but are not limited to) experiences such as independent research, student teaching, nursing clinicals, study abroad, and internships.  HON 499 must include a presentation to the Honors Director and fellow Honors Student, and if the course designed is anything but an independent research paper, should include a simple portfolio.  The Honors Program Director will review each student’s work and presentation to determine the successful completion of this requirement.