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Physics Course Offerings

PHY 105 Basic Physics

3 credits

An algebra-based introductory physics course that covers the subjects of motion, forces, momentum and energy, gravity, and electricity and magnetism. Three hours of lecture each week and one two-hour laboratory component. Prerequisite: MAT 106 or equivalent. Spring

PHY 115 Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology

4 credits

A survey in astronomy for non-science majors, covering the study of the solar system, stars, galaxies, origin and evolution of the Universe, and basic theories and methods of modern astronomy. The laboratory component focuses on experiments with computer-based simulations of astronomical phenomena. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisites: Prior or concurrent enrollment in MAT 106. Fall

PHY 201-202 Introductory Physics I-II

4-4 credits

A pre-calculus-based introductory physics course sequence, intended for students in the life sciences, that covers the subjects of kinematics, dynamics, statics, fluids, waves, heat, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and optics. Two one-hour lectures, a one-hour recitation, and a two-hour lab period each week. MAT 205 is a prerequisite for PHY 201 and PHY 201 is a prerequisite for PHY 202. Fall-Spring

PHY 211-212 General Physics I-II

4-4 credits

A calculus-based introductory physics course sequence, intended for students in the physical sciences and engineering, that covers the subjects of motion kinematics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism. Two one-hour lectures, a one-hour recitation, and a two-hour lab period each week. MAT 212 is a Co-requisite for PHY 211 and PHY 211 is a prerequisite for PHY 212. Fall-Spring

PHY 303 Modern Physics

3 credits

Introduction to relativity and quantum theory, and their applications to atomic, statistical, solid state, nuclear, and particle physics. Three one-hour lectures each week. Prerequisites: PHY 202 and consent of the department chair or PHY 212. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

PHY 305 Electronic Circuits and Instrumentation

4 credits

Introduction to basic principles and techniques of electronics, covering DC and AC circuits, basic electronic components, transducers, linear and non-linear operation of operational amplifiers, logic gates, flip-flops, counters, memory, A/D and D/A conversion. The course is designed primarily for the 3-2 engineering students, to provide them with the required skills in electric circuits. The course is also open to any student with strong skills in basic physics and calculus, interested in a survey course in electronics. The laboratory component of the course involves hands-on experiments with the devices studied and their applications, along with projects that explore their combinations. Three hours of lecture, and one two-hour laboratory period per week. NOTE: This course does not satisfy the general education requirement for natural and physical sciences. Prerequisites: PHY 202, 212 or consent of the department chair. (Fall of even numbered years)

PHY 312 Instrumental Analysis

5 credits

Theory and practice of modern analytical techniques emphasizing spectrophotometric, chromatographic, and electrochemical methods. Three hours of lecture and two three hour laboratory periods each week. Prerequisite: CHE 311. Spring

PHY 397 Independent Study

1-3 credits

Independent study and research into specific topics and problems in physics. Prerequisite: PHY 202 or 212 and consent of the department chair.

PHY 195, 295, 395 Special Topics

3 credits