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International Studies Course Offerings

INT 105 World Poverty and World Development (Cross-listed as ECO 105)

3 credits

This class surveys fundamental issues in international development, including food security, public health, environmental resource management, education, population, gender issues and economic development. The course explores the root causes of hunger and poverty, and assesses various development strategies to address these problems. The course will fulfill one of the General Education course requirements in social science. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

INT 228 Cultures & Environments of Global Business (Cross-listed as BUS 228)

3 credits

Cultures & Environments of Global Business is an introductory survey course of global cultures and environments that form the context for business in a diverse and interdependent world. A study of world markets including an analysis of economic, political, cultural and business trends impacting multinational corporations. This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to intercultural and international business issues. Students will develop global awareness and exposure to different cultures. Topics covered include globalization, cultural diversity, ethnicity, nationalism, religion, languages, legal & economic systems, corporate culture, ethics, human rights and resources. Fall

INT 309 International Economics (cross-listed as ECO 309)

3 credits

Pure theory of international trade. Balance of payments and foreign exchange rates. Commercial policy and the interaction between internal and external equilibrium. International liquidity and the international monetary system. Prerequisites: ECO 201 and 202 or permission of the department chair. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

INT 310 International Law

3 credits

A course in the principles and issues of international law. Topics covered include: an introduction to U.S. international law, a sample of unique law issues in selected other countries, and principles of dealing with law outside the U.S. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

INT 469 International Internship (cross-listed as BUS 469)

4-16 credits

The student has several options for obtaining experience in an international context. A student may choose to study abroad, engage in an immersive international mission trip, be placed in a supervised international business internship or serve an internship in the US with a foreign owned business. Credit is determined by the length of the stay (one credit per week for study abroad or international mission trips) or the number of hours served in the internship (40 hours of work for one credit hour). The student is required to achieve four credits of international experience and can count a maximum of 16 credits towards their degree program. Student is responsible for all travel costs and any surcharges as a result of the program selected. Placements are available in nearly every country and will vary according to the agency supervising the internship.

INT 475 Advanced Faith and Learning Integration

3 credits

In the spirit of the mission of Waynesburg University, this course intends to provide junior and senior level students with an unparalleled opportunity to integrate the Bible materials and its history of interpretation to the academic disciplines. Students who wish to engage in this level of theological reflection on vocation should consult with both their academic advisors and with the Chair of the Biblical and Ministry Studies Major Program. This course will not substitute for senior capstone/research courses required in the majors. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing; three credits in BMS courses; 3.00 minimum grade point average. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

INT 195, 295, 395, 495 Seminar in Selected Topics (Cross-listed as ECO 495)

3-6 credits

A study of selected economics issues. A research paper is required. Prerequisites: 15 semester hours in economics and a 2.50 average in economics or permission of the department chair. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)