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Human Services Course Offerings

HSV 216 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Cross-listed as POL 216, PSY 216 and SOC 216)

3 credits

An introduction to statistical and data analysis techniques for students majoring in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include descriptive statistics for central tendency, variation and association, fundamentals of probability, sampling distributions, the logic of inference, estimation and hypothesis tests for means and percentages, and an overview of more advanced techniques including the analysis of variance and correlation and regression. Prerequisite: MAT 106. Open to majors in HSV, PSY, SOC, and POL only. Spring.

HSV 465 Human Services Internship

6 credits

A professionally supervised practical experience in a public or private human services agency. Successful completion of the internship requires at least 215 hours in the field plus one hour per week consultation with the supervising professor. Prerequisites: Enrollment as a human services major, junior or senior standing, and the approval of the internship site and permission to enroll given by the Admissions and Progression Committee.

HSV 475 Advanced Faith and Learning Integration

3 credits

In the spirit of the mission of Waynesburg University, this course intends to provide junior and senior level students with an unparalleled opportunity to integrate the Bible materials and its history of interpretation to the academic disciplines. Students who wish to engage in this level of theological reflection on vocation should consult with both their academic advisors and with the Chair of the Biblical and Ministry Studies Major Program. See BMS 475 for further information. This course will not substitute for senior capstone/research courses required in the majors. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing; three credits in BMS courses; 3.00 minimum grade point average. (Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.)

HSV 195, 295, 395, 495 Special Topics

3 credits