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Five Year, Dual Degree and Dual Certification Program (Baccalaureate and Master's Degrees)

The five year, dual degree and dual certification program option is available for students in the Elementary/Middle Level 4-8 and secondary 7-12 teaching certification programs. The program is not available for students in the PreK-4 certification program. Students will earn an undergraduate degree and teaching certification in either Elementary/Middle Level 4-8 or secondary 7-12 and a graduate degree, Master of Education in Special Education, with an additional teaching certification in either special education PreK-8 or special education 7-12. Students will be required to successfully complete PECT special education certification exams before admission to final special education practicum.

Students considering the five year, dual degree and dual certification program should formally notify their Education Department advisor no later than the end of the fall semester of their junior year. Students must complete the Intent to Apply for Dual Degree and Dual Certification Program Notice at that time. Formal application to the graduate program must be made no later than March 1 of the senior year. Admission into the graduate program, academic progression, and degree completion is contingent upon the student meeting all criteria established by the Graduate Education Program. Courses in the graduate program are presented in an accelerated, eight week format.

In addition to completing the following required courses, students must fulfill the General Education requirements for Waynesburg University as listed in this catalog. In the ECE, ECE/SPE, and MLE major programs, general education requirements are embedded within the curriculum requirements. Major requirements and/or General Education requirements may be changed by the official action of the faculty and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Under “Recommended Sequence” below, a number indicates the year during which it is recommended that the course be taken (i.e., 1-first year; 2-second year, etc.); a letter indicates that the course should be taken during a particular semester (i.e., F-Fall; S-Spring). This is a recommended sequence which will be individualized based on the course rotation schedule and in consultation with the faculty advisor.

Required Courses

Year 5 – Summer I

Year 5 – Fall I

Year 5 – Fall II

Year 5 – Spring I

Year 5 – Spring II


During a student’s 4th year, tuition will be assessed at a flat, undergraduate tuition rate including six graduate credits. Once a student enters the summer of the 5th year, tuition will be assessed at the standard M.Ed. rate. If students transfer their 4th year M.Ed. course(s) to another school, students will be retroactively assessed the M.Ed. tuition rate for the M.Ed. course(s) taken during the 4th year.