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Health and Exercise Science Major (Pre-Physical Therapy Option)

Note: In addition to completing the following required courses, students must fulfill the General Education Requirements.  Major requirements and/or General Education Requirements may be changed by official action of the faculty.

Under “Recommended Sequence” below, a number indicates the year during which it is recommended that the course be taken (i.e., 1-first year; 2-second year, etc.); a letter indicates that the course should be taken during a particular semester (i.e., F-Fall; S-Spring).  This is a recommended sequence which will be individualized based on the course rotation schedule and in consultation with the faculty advisor.

Required Courses

Department Course Number Credits Course Title Recommended Sequence Year/Semester
BIO 105 2 Medical Terminology 1F
BIO 121 4 Principles of Biology I 1F
BIO 122 4 Principles of Biology II 1S
BIO 206 4 Human Anatomy 1S
BIO 207 4 Human Physiology 2F
BIO 216 3 Kinesiology 2F
BIO 317 3 Exercise Physiology 4S
CHE 121 3 General Chemistry I 3F
CHE 121L 1 Laboratory for General Chemistry I 3F
CHE 122 3 General Chemistry II 3S
CHE 122L 1 Laboratory for General Chemistry II 3S
COM 228 3 Business and Professional Speaking 3F
HSC 105 1 Foundations of Health Science 1F
HSC 136 1 First Aid and CPR – Professional Rescuer 3S
HSC 206 3 Pharmacology for the Health Sciences 4F
HSC 207 3 Pathophysiological Foundations for Health Science 4S
HSC 208 3 Nutrition for Fitness and Sport 2F
HSC 209 3 Public and Community Health 2S
HSC 307 3 Advanced Functional Anatomy 3F
HSC 309 4 Essentials of Strength and Conditioning 3S
HSC 406 3 Organization and Administration in Health Science 4S
HSC 408 3 Evidence-Based Practice 4F
HSC 410 3 Psychosocial Interventions for Healthcare Professionals 4F
HSC 415 3 Assessment and Screening Procedures 4F
HSC 465 3 Internship 4F
HSC 499 1 Capstone 4S
MAT 108 3 College Algebra 1S
MAT 205 4 Functions and Trigonometry 2F
MAT 215 3 Applied Statistics I 3S
PHY 201 4 Introductory Physics I 2F
PHY 202 4 Introductory Physics II 2S
PSY 105 3 Introduction to Psychology 1F
PSY 106 3

Social Psychology
or PSY 107, Human Development: A Life Span Perspective


There are 93 credits required for this major. Prerequisite courses may be necessary and the General Education Requirements must be completed. Note that there may be additional requirements for entrance into the graduate program of the student’s choice.